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DIGITAL ART & DESIGNERS is a Spanish company with a consolidated strategy in innovation, and catalogued as I+E (Innovation + Employment) and certificated as Innovative SME, with a widely experience developing all types of customized web applications, mobile applications, modern API integration and front-end development, as well as graphic design, audiovisual and 3D projects.

Type of supplier
  • Manufacturer / developer
Business name and tax code
  • B76062298

  • C/ Teobaldo Power, 8, Telde, Gran Canaria, España/Spain/Espagne
  • 35200
  • Las Palmas

  • Contact person: Carolina Villén Rodríguez
  • Phone no.: 928 706 117
  • E-mail:
  • Cluster Canarias Excelencia Tecnológica (CET)
Referee Feedback

Referee Feedback

Target of solution
  • Consumer IT, sensors and telecommunications
Technologies used
  • HTML and Css
  • Js + jQuery libraries
  • Java
  • LAMP (Linux - Apache - MySQL - PHP)
  • SQL
  • Others
Referee Feedback is the tool for technological support during training sessions for referees and assistant referees, facilitating the evaluation of all penalty situations, including offside. By means of a video camera, it allows capture of the images from your training sessions, and by reproducing them immediately on an iPad, it analyses the exercises on the spot. You can display our offside line over the actual video screen, in order to help you to analyse if the decision was right or wrong. Besides, the images captured can be edited and stored. Every referee decision can be stored for later handling and analysis, to help you to check weaknesses for each referee and where they need to improve. Take full advantage of your training sessions, performing more dynamic training and encouraging self-assessment.  

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