Programa Kit Digital - Etnonautas


Agente digitalizador - KIT DIGITAL

Etnonautas solves its clients’ internationalization needs, helping overcome language and cultural barriers. We give guidance for international online expansion. Etnonautas is a consolidated and robust company bringing together two worlds: technology and linguistics. We specialise in software localization and we focus on multilingual web development, Internatioanl SEO and website localization. Emphasising the importance of the target culture, we always adapt our designs and solutions culturally.

Type of supplier
  • Manufacturer / developer
  • Others
Business name and tax code
  • B76137892

  • Edificio Polivalente II Planta 3 - Oficina 5, Parque Científico - Tecnológico de la ULPGC, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España/Spain/Espagne
  • 35017
  • Las Palmas

  • Contact person: Patricia Tejera
  • Phone no.: +34 928 45 99 69
  • E-mail:,,
  • Cluster Canarias Excelencia Tecnológica (CET)
Programa Kit Digital - Etnonautas

Programa Kit Digital - Etnonautas

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