Laycos, everything you need for working



Laycos is a communication and work management platform that brings together in one place every element required for working: people with whom we need to form a team, information, files and functionalities that will help us in streamlining workflows. Prominent among the functionalities are network and group structure, where all the information shared by users is contextualized; task manager; individual and group schedules; office automation; working areas in which to share projects with the rest of the team and view their progression on Gantt charts; forms; meta-forms; chats and video conferences and more. (Consult the rest of the options we offer. At Laycos we are always developing and providing new improvements for our users.) We have a web and mobile version adapted for iOS and Android devices. At Laycos all shared information is put through an antivirus program to ensure that it is clean. It is also encrypted in AES256. We are certified in the ISO 27001 international standard on Information Security and in the National Security Framework. We guide all our users through pre-counselling, the entire implementation phase and in addressing any queries that may arise.

Type of supplier
  • Manufacturer / developer
Business name and tax code
  • B76205137

  • Avenida Alcalde J. Ramírez Bethencourt, 12 - Edificio Fuentemar
  • 35004
  • Las Palmas

  • Contact person: Laycos
  • Phone no.: +34 900 363 834
  • E-mail:
Association partnerships
  • empresa del grupo
  • Cluster Canarias Excelencia Tecnológica (CET)
Laycos, everything you need for working

Laycos, everything you need for working

Implementation reference
  • Check the 'Testimonies' category of Laycos Blog:
Laycos es todo lo que necesitas para trabajar Laycos offers to unify all tools in a single program and to bring together all intervening persons in a single application; the information they share, organized into working contexts; plus the applications they have to handle to expedite any issue. Its intuitive interface comprises a menu with the following options: user profile, search engine, important alerts and notifications, centre of activities, networks for communicating and sharing in the right context, private messages, chats and video conferences, pending, ongoing and completed tasks, individual and group schedules, file browser, organization (with the company’s organization chart), data forms, meta-forms (with collected data) and dashboard with the performance indicators for the application.

Multi-device, you can take it with you in your pocket

Furthermore, like any other application devised for the business world, it is available in all operative systems and can thus be accessed from anywhere and from any device. To ensure data invulnerability, it boasts two certificates on information security: the National Security Framework certification (needed from November 2017 onwards) and the certification of the ISO 27001 International Standard, which confirm that the people working at Laycos are committed to maintaining information security.

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