Cybersecurity and regulatory/legal control

Storage, cloud solutions, outsourcing, IT structure, virtualisation, Omnia Care

Type of supplier
  • Integrator / Partner / Consultant
Business name and tax code
  • B38506663

  • Edificio Anaga Calle la Marina, N¼ 16 38001 - S/C de Tenerife
  • 38001
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife

  • Contact person: Monica Afonso
  • Phone no.: 922 531 471
  • E-mail: comercial@omniainfosys.com / info@omniainfosys.com
  • Cluster Canarias Excelencia Tecnológica (CET)


Target of solution
  • Consumer IT, sensors and telecommunications
Technologies used
  • Machine learning
  • Java
  • WiFi
  • XML
A NEW CHANNEL FOR COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR CLIENTS Clients will notice a better provision of services from your business and you will have a new channel for communication with them, to keep them informed about your offers and increase sales. With IWIP you can configure a tailored service for your client, and you can even enable pay per use services which will produce new revenue (Wi-Fi Premium, IPTV, etc.) IWIP HELPS IMPROVE WI-FI SERVICE Clients believe that Wi-Fi access to internet service is a basic service and that it should be just as good as the rest of the offer. Many people put WIFI service ahead of breakfast in hotels. IWIP ENABLES THE CAPTURE OF NEW CLIENTS IWIP gives you the chance to obtain and process the contact details that your clients provide in exchange for access to their Wi-Fi network. BETTER ACCESS CONTROL IWIP integrates with all your WIFI network current devices. Once integrated, IWIP takes control of those devices at access level. At the administration console you can define the type of access for clients, band width by user and/or groups, etc. as well as establish different levels of services (free, temporary, pay, etc.)

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